The SCF solution for all your supply chain

InstantPay simply and efficiently frees up supply chain capital, even in the tail, using AI instead of an approval signal from you

Why use AI for invoice payments

your working capital

with third party credit and our payment optimisation technology


by mid-market and tail suppliers

Instant and

InstantPay works in parallel to your processes

Fewer enquiries from suppliers chasing payment

Automatic payment

With InstantPay, you retain control of your own review and payment approval process. The system doesn’t replace you, it works alongside you, supporting you and your suppliers. Safely.

How InstantPay works


10 %
of all invoices are paid early

Each invoice is assesed and a payment decision made within seconds

Prevising PROBLEMS

5 %
of all adjustments need human intervention

The AI checks if future adjustments are likely, and also the ability to auto-recover funds if needed.

Some of the red flags our AI looks for


Check for duplicates, misallocation and entry/due dates


Check for high OCR or data entry error rates


Check how well the invoice characteristics fit this supplier


Check for default risk and clawback/offset opportunities

The InstantPay AI examines each invoice for a large number of factors and uses machine learning to help it forecast the likelihood of a future problems such as a dispute or adjustment.

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