Just published: Supplier insight study on virtual card adoption trends.

Accelerating payment decisions using data and AI

Release payments from your process

Pay faster. Grow acceptance of card.

Smart AI that authorizes early, reliable invoice payment

45 days

Average suppliers are paid early

Increasing card uptake by over 5x

More spend on card means bigger benefits for buyers

Proven to deliver working capital gains, increase rebate volumes, and lower operational costs.


SmartPay automated payment instructions

Working in parallel to your existing processes

Pay earlier to increase the uptake of your virtual card programs

You're protected

SmartPay continually reconciles and rebalances when adjustments occur

Retain control

No change to your existing approval and diligence processes

Manage your working capital

You choose when payments are made and how much acceleration to offer, making the most effective use of available credit lines

Happier suppliers
Better ESG


Scaleable and secure

Processed every day
ISO 27001
Certified secure
Transactions every day

Introducing our newest solutions that supercharge virtual card programs

By connecting and integrating the vast flows of B2B data, Previse is proud to announce two new tools that enable next-generation payments.
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Data driven approach to increasing payment terms with a card program

Mining your accounts payable data pinpoints opportunities to extend payment terms using cards.
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Improve payment terms and hit cashflow targets with card payments

Optimize working capital and cashflow by leveraging a card program to virtually extend terms and generate rebates.
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The approach to supplier payments with a big impact on your working capital efficiency

Global suppliers face cash flow hurdles with delayed payments, while buyers grapple with inefficient processes. A data-driven strategy accelerates B2B payments, enhancing working capital for mutual benefit.
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AI is transforming B2B payments

Bringing significant benefits to Buyers and Suppliers through Virtual Cards
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Previse celebrates the success of Good Business Pays, one year on

It is almost a year since we launched Good Business Pays, so it's time to celebrate some of the wins and successes of the movement.
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Previse announces Notice of Allowance for US Patent covering the algorithmic assessment of invoices, transforming B2B payments

The patent application covers a range of innovations including our innovative methodology that enables the algorithmic assessment of invoices
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Fintech Previse raises USD 18 million in Series B funding to accelerate the transformation of SME working capital finance globally

Previse today announced that it has closed the first phase of its Series B financing.
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Previse leads the charge on Embedded Finance in 2022

Mastercard has today unveiled its next-generation virtual card solution for instant B2B payments, using Previse’s capabilities.
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Mastercard and Previse speed business payments globally

Mastercard Cross-Border Services – which enables funds to be sent seamlessly, securely and with certainty to any account – is now part of the InstantPay platform.
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Transcard partners with Previse to offer embedded early payment solution to suppliers

Transcard today announced a strategic partnership to embed Previse’s early payment discount solution.
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Previse wins at UK FinTech Awards 2021

We’re excited to announce that Previse was named as Payment Tech of the Year at the UK FinTech Awards 2021 last night.
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