Free payments from process

Removing friction from B2B payments, to bring greater value for all​

Payments without the wait for approval

InstantPay authorises invoices for payment in parallel to the buyer's approval processes, releasing capital to suppliers earlier, more reliably

On average, suppliers using InstantPay get paid 47 days earlier

5x your buyer spend – generate working capital and rebate benefits

Accepting InstantPay

Slow payments create headaches. InstantPay helps:

Get paid

Over 98% of all invoices submitted for InstantPay authorisation are settled early.

on admin

Stop spending time chasing up approvals and payments – focus on your business instead.

Worry less

be confident the payment will arrive when you expect it

"It makes a massive impact to our ability to offer a great service to our customers". Charles Armitage, Co-founder and CEO of Florence shares his thoughts.

"Every time I go and do administrative tasks, it takes time away from fee earning. InstantPay frees me up". Paul Kelly of Ocean Learning talks about dealing with large clients.

Free your payments from process

Buyers pay suppliers faster to grow the benefits from early payment solutions.

Pay earlier and increase acceptance
of virtual card payments and SCF


You make sure overpayments don't go unchecked

your working capital

You choose when payments are made to make best use of available credit lines


Makes sure you're optimising who you pay, when you pay and how you pay

Happier suppliers

Scaleable and secure

ISO 27001
It is almost a year since we launched Good Business Pays, so it's time to celebrate some of the wins and successes of the movement.
You work hard to create business opportunities, but making the most of them takes a ready source of cash.
The patent application covers a range of innovations including our innovative methodology that enables the algorithmic assessment of invoices
Mastercard has today unveiled its next-generation virtual card solution for instant B2B payments, using Previse’s capabilities.
Mastercard Cross-Border Services – which enables funds to be sent seamlessly, securely and with certainty to any account – is now part of the InstantPay platform.