How your business gets paid faster

saving on admin and improving your cash balance

no waiting

not even for approval

Companies like yours that supply large corporates can find payment terms a headache. Having to turn down lucrative contracts because you don’t have the working capital reserves to be out of pocket for several weeks. Worried about the cost and stress caused by chasing invoice approval and payments.

If your customer offers InstantPay, then over 98% of those invoices will be paid within one day of entry into their system.

You don’t even have to wait for them to approve the invoice.

Cash in days, not weeks

The money is in your existing checking account within days of invoice acceptance (via ACH).

Invoice early payment​​

There is no direct impact on your credit rating, although we do make UCC filings. This is not a credit product.


Confirm your details and accept the terms – then you’re in.

clever technology

makes happy customers

InstantPay authorises prepayment of your invoices in return for a small fee (which varies by programme). There is no contractual lock-in, you can cancel at any time either online or via email.

How it works

No lengthy setup process or hidden fees.
We say we make finance simple, and we mean it.

Day 1​

Send your invoice to your customer

Day 2

We check the invoice and decide if it will be purchased

Minutes later​

We organise your payment

On the due date​

Your customer pays us directly​

On InstantPay programmes…

To qualify, you must:
  • Be registered in a US state, excluding California
  • Provide the contact details of someone approved to make your financial decisions.
  • Supply your company name and incorporate details.
You may not qualify if:
  • Your legal entity providing goods/services is located in California
  • You are a subsidiary of a legal entity based in California
  • You are invoicing from an entity based in California
  • Your business is a bank, insurer or reinsurer (brokers may be eligible)
InstantPay is only available where your customer has agreed to offer it as a payment method. You will usually hear directly from them.