Grab an opportunity or manage the unexpected

your cash flow injection is here

business finance

InstantAdvance is simply better

Now more businesses can get an InstantAdvance of between $50,000 and $2,000,000. We crunch the numbers on your company income and forecasts, using data science to make it faster and easier for you.

To keep it quick, we don’t require security and rarely ask for personal guarantees. We trust our smart tech to make the right decisions.

And the interest rates, fees and hidden charges?

There is one all-inclusive fee (starting from 4%), and nothing else.

For fulfilment

Use an InstantAdvance to cover upfront costs, allowing you to take on larger orders/clients.

For growth

We can help if you need to invest in people, equipment or materials to grow you business.

For the day to day

From marketing to inventory, an InstantAdvance can help with  the daily cost of business.

pay as you earn

no fixed term

Unlike a loan, your payments flex to what you can afford.

You pay a percentage of your income until the advance is paid, instead of being stuck with a fixed amount for a fixed term.

For example, if you agree to pay 10% of your income:
Make $10,000 in revenue = repay $1,000
Make $500 in revenue = repay $50

clever technology

makes happy customers

We use data (from your bank and  accounting system) to offer any business an advance.

And we trust the data, so there’s no need for complex application forms, debtor book audits or business plans.