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Mastercard and Previse speed business payments globally

Mastercard Cross-Border Services – which enables funds to be sent seamlessly, securely and with certainty to any account – is now part of the InstantPay platform.

Previse to integrate Mastercard Cross-Border Services into its InstantPay platform to help businesses around the world get paid faster

PURCHASE, N.Y.October 25, 2021 Mastercard and Previse today announced the integration of Mastercard Cross-Border Services – a global push payments platform that enables funds to be sent seamlessly, securely and with certainty to any account – into Previse’s InstantPay platform. The collaboration will enable instant payments to suppliers in over 100 markets globally.

In today’s environment, cash flow is critical – particularly for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Over one-third of SMBs in North America report facing cash flow issues due to late payments and slow processing times for cash and checks1. Globally, many businesses also lack streamlined ways to receive payments in their local currency when dealing with customers in multiple markets. This forces them to borrow money at expensive rates to support cash flow, while they wait for payment on outstanding invoices.

Using the latest advances in machine learning, Previse’s InstantPay solution analyzes invoices to identify those that are likely to be rejected, enabling the rest to be paid the same day they’re received. With the integration of Mastercard’s Cross-Border Services, companies using InstantPay can now send digital payments seamlessly and securely to suppliers in over 100 counties via bank accounts and digital wallets. In addition to paying suppliers quickly, business can reduce the cost of transactions and access real-time exchange rates for local currency, while reducing the need for additional documents and manual processes.

Delayed payments have always been a challenge for businesses and the pandemic only exacerbated this pain point.

With Mastercard Cross-Border Services, businesses can expect to receive funds quickly, directly and securely. Digital B2B payment innovations like the ones being driven by Mastercard and Previse are helping suppliers gain faster access to funds and freedom from inefficient processes, so they can not only recover today – but thrive tomorrow.

Ron Shultz, Executive Vice President, New Payments Flows, North America at Mastercard

Flexible, robust supply chains and steadfast cash flow are essential for businesses to thrive and grow, particularly SMBs.

The integration of Mastercard Cross-Border Services enables every corporate using InstantPay to effortlessly pay suppliers across the world on day one. It’s an innovative solution from Mastercard and Previse, which strengthens global supply chains and is a true win-win for large corporates and SMBs alike as we recover from the pandemic.

Paul Christensen, CEO and Co-Founder of Previse

Previse joins a growing list of global partners working with Mastercard to offer people and businesses a more predictable and more certain way to pay and get paid across borders. Mastercard Cross-Border Services connects 90 percent of the world’s population via bank accounts, digital wallets, cards and cash agents, all through a single and secure point of access. 

For more information about this solution, please visit: https://crossborder.mastercard.com/

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1 Source: Mastercard Small Business Study, July 2020

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