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Previse expands US presence in response to increased demand for early payment technology

Previse is growing its US team following a surge in demand.

Previse, the AI fintech that provides the infrastructure for financing global B2B commerce, is expanding its US presence in response to increased demand for its technology.

Previse is growing its US team following a surge in demand for its InstantPay solution, which has been spurred on by the need for SMEs to receive faster payments as they recover from the pandemic.

The US team will both develop and bring Previse’s range of embedded early payments solutions to platforms and corporates across the region. These will enable players in the industry to offer a broad range of innovative early payments solutions such as InstantPay, Previse’s leading day-1 pre-approval payment solution.

To aid its push into the US market, Previse has hired Steven Lauricella as Head of Business Development and Partnerships. Steven brings with him over a decade of experience in structured finance developing working capital solutions.

I am very excited to be working at Previse and developing our embedded finance early payment business. In today’s market we see embedded payments and finance all around us from the “pay later” button in e-commerce to automated payments in our ride-hailing apps. These embedded solutions make it easy for the end-user to choose how they make payments. It is time to bring this technology into the B2B space and give suppliers the same flexibility and ease of use on deciding on how they get paid. Previse enables any platform to offer suppliers a “Pay me now” button at the time of generating an invoice.

Steven Lauricella, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Previse

Previse has seen a growing demand for its InstantPay solution in the past year, as a direct response to the worsening slow payments problem brought about by the pandemic. No other inclusive B2B payments solution exists to get suppliers paid as quickly, or easily. Expanding our US presence is a natural next step for us, and we look forward to growing our partnerships in the region.

Paul Christensen, CEO at Previse

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