Just published: Supplier insight study on virtual card adoption trends.

Virtual cards made better

SmartPay – faster B2B payments enabled by Previse AI

Stop waiting to get paid

on average 45 days early

The cash is in your bank account freeing up capital to invest in your business​

NO waiting for approval

There is no impact on your credit rating as this is not credit or a loan.​

You will need to sign a standard merchant acquirer agreement for this programme


Companies like yours that supply large corporates can find payment terms a headache. Having to turn down lucrative contracts because you don’t have the working capital reserves to be out of pocket for several weeks. Worried about the cost and stress caused by chasing invoice approval and payments.

If your customer offers you Virtual Card payments that are SmartPay enabled, then over 98% of those invoices will be paid early. On average, 45 days early. Plus there is no change to how you handle disputes and adjustments.

In fact, you don’t even have to wait for them to approve the invoice.

Key facts about SmartPay

Not all Virtual Cards are SmartPay enabled, and some banks use different names for their version of our technology.

The cards are used by large enterprises to pay their suppliers and are only available by invitation.

You should receive information direct from your customer or their agent, however if you believe you have been overlooked or suspect your client has old contact information, please drop us a note via the contact us link below.