Customer success story

Wicked Vision

Toys that get kids active – funding play with InstantAdvance
Wicked Vision makes toys that encourage physical play, both indoors and out. With an opportunity for growth, they were looking for some short term funding.


My name is David Strang. I’m the CEO and founder of wicked Vision.

Obviously, we’re a toy company and I absolutely love every single thing that we do and we develop within the business. Seeing the the company flourish now is is a real it is a dream for me. It really is.

So I think it’s a real balancing act when it comes to managing cash flow. Just in the last couple of years, we’ve really found it a bit of a struggle because we’re on a bit of a growth curve right now. Until now, it’s been relatively simple but moving forward, we needed to find some way of funding the growth.

InstantAdvance has made a huge difference to our business over the time that we’ve been using it. The cash was really used for stock and also then moving that forward it is for growth internally.

So actually that’s been a real godsend for us to be able to manage that really effectively and efficiently.

I would definitely use instant Advance again. I think it provides business, and has been, a fantastic tool that has been an absolute godsend for us in the stage of growth that we are with the business.

So 100% we would use them again.

The joy, it brings me when we develop a product from scratch and then I look through a park or a beach or somewhere outdoors and I see families playing with our toys. It’s not just the kids playing with them that’s their parents, brothers and sisters, you know all playing together with our toys. It really does bring me a lot of joy.