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Customer success story

The Original Cake Co

The ingredients for a successful bakery

Seasonal demands meant this specialty bakery needed to purchase a large amount of raw materials to fulfil orders.

This Lincolnshire bakery, established in 1972, has been making specialty cakes for over 50 years. The Original Cake Company started locally, but now sells online and can be enjoyed in cafes, shops and restaurants around the world. However, the relationship between growth and cash invested in ingredients can be difficult to manage.

InstantAdvance provides seasonal funding

“I believe that InstantAdvance has been invaluable to our business”

Christmas and other peak seasonal periods are busy times for The Original Cake Company. Like many businesses, these peaks mean increased expenditure. Raw materials, packaging and other stock need to be purchased a long time before seeing the corresponding revenue. This is where InstantAdvance has played a big part.

Using InstantAdvance funding, The Original Cake Company responded to an increase in orders, buying the stock and raw materials they needed. Then, rather than having a large fixed sum to pay every month, their repayments became a percentage of their revenue.

So, with InstantAdvance, you can have your cake and eat it

It was the ease of access and flexibility that stood out for Gary Thomas, Finance Manager at The Original Cake Company. “I would happily recommend InstantAdvance. It’s quick, easy and suited our needs perfectly for short term funding during our busy season”. When it came to the application process, Gary was impressed, “it was the simplicity and speed of the process that certainly stood out over other funders”.

If you have seasonal peaks that come with extra costs and working capital challenges, we’d love to show you how we can help.