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Ocean Learning

Payment experiences with large clients

Paul Kelly of Ocean Learning talks about dealing with large clients and how InstantPay has a direct impact on fee-earning availability


Hello, my name is Paul Kenny. I am the Founder and Director of Ocean Learning Ltd.

Payment experiences with large clients

There are a couple of clients that we’ve dealt with for many years who make sure we’re paid quickly and there’s no problem. At the other end of the spectrum, there are companies who use their size and their, sort of, buying muscle, to dictate terms that you can’t really say no to.

I never want to have to say to a client: look, I can’t do this next batch of training for you because you haven’t paid me for the batch of training last quarter. It’s been a part of life that, you have to chase it. People who play the 90 to 120 days game.

Signing up for InstantPay

You tend to remember the things that were really difficult or onerous or whatever. And, you know, this was straightforward. And as I say, maybe easier because I’ve had a long and good relationship with that particular client, so their recommendation carried a lot of weight as well.

There was so little to do, that I’m struggling to remember… well, I know there was a form to fill in which was basic financial details and a sign off to the trial period. But as I say, um, it was quick. I honestly, you know, if someone said “What do you have to do to sign up to InstantPay?”, I’m not sure I could tell them. I’d say wait for the email and follow the instructions.

Why did you choose InstantPay?

This is more solving that problem of, well, I don’t have a full-time accounts person here. We’re all fee-earners. So every time I go and do administrative tasks, as I’ve said, it’s taking time away from fee earning. That makes us, I guess, a good match. So anything that streamlines our process to me, has a value. And that’s why I was prepared to do it. And the first, all the early experiences, have been positive.