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A mission to sustainable printing and packaging products
When it comes to printing and packaging products, EnvoPap is on a mission.

When it comes to printing and packaging products, EnvoPap is on a mission to make sure it’s sustainable, from the start to the end of the product’s life.

Based in the UK, EnvoPap, a certified B Corp company, is spreading the word about how printing and packaging can be stylish but also a lot better for the environment. From paper for printing that comes from a purpose-grown source to prevent deforestation, through to 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging, EnvoPap have created innovative, planet-friendly products.

The challenge they faced was making sure they had the inventory to respond to demand, which put pressure on working capital. This is where InstantAdvance came in to help.

EnvoPap was introduced to Previse through their accounts team who thought InstantAdvance could be a good match for their growth ambitions. Vishaal, Growth Director at EnvoPap, said “When we first found out about the solution we thought that it was too good to be true. The more we researched, the more assurance we had that it was genuine”.

With many online loan solutions, it can seem like there is a faceless company behind it. One of the great things about InstantAdvance is that you have a contact person at Previse who is available to guide you through the process. They really get to know your business so you can be assured that InstantAdvance is the right product for you. It also means there is always someone on hand if any issues come up, or you have any extra questions that need to be answered.

What stood out for EnvoPap was how InstantAdvance assesses applications. At Previse we look at not only the financial history of the company but also the potential for growth. Vishaal noted “You support the growth. Everyone else looks at history but you look at growth.”

When asked how InstantAdvance had impacted EnvoPap, Vishaal said “What you have helped us do for the business has been great, our revenue has grown significantly. It’s been a key part in unlocking our growth and let us really scale our business”.

We take that as a pretty good endorsement!