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Customer success story

Alive Telecom

Making telecoms infrastructure instead of chasing payment

We produce telecoms infrastructure and we'd rather work on what we're good at versus continually asking, calling to get paid on time.


Hello, my name is Dan Barton from Alive Telecom. We produce for National North America and international customers from U.H.F. up to wireless and advanced wireless products.

So working with larger companies sometimes could be a little bit of an arduous task.

Terms generally are 60 days, 75 or even 90 and greater. The time that you actually see the funds could reach over a hundred days.

We have to work around paying our vendors, which generally are net 30, net 45, so we have to plan ahead for that delayed payment.

We’d rather work on what we’re good at versus work on continually asking, calling to get paid on time.

My first reactions to instant pay and the ability to get paid sooner was it almost seemed too good to be true. Especially now, after being involved with it for a few quarters, I definitely see the benefit.

The money is allocated to our bank account within days, a week at the most.

It’s freed me up to do what I like to do, designing antennas, manufacturing and actually supporting our customers in a timely fashion also.

So the overall experience has been wonderful. Having in instant pay, it opens up the doors to all types of vendors. So I, I actually would say it’s, uh, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.