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Customer success story


Outside help for growing a coffee company

Bruud saw an opportunity to increase their direct-to-consumer sales by investing in their website, using InstantAdvance for strategic funding.

When Jon Ison saw the opportunity to grow his coffee business, Bruud, he jumped at it. However, growth can mean big up front costs. Jon told us what he wanted to achieve with Bruud, and we knew that InstantAdvance was a perfect fit.

Changing the world, one coffee at a time

Bruud, established in 2018, is on a mission to revolutionise coffee. They provide bean-to-cup machines, and are working with coffee growers to ensure a fairer, more sustainable supply chain. They are also developing a fully biodegradable coffee line (from packaging to cups).

The central idea is simple – reduce the environmental impact by providing high quality coffee in offices, avoiding the waste of single-use take-away cups. Which is great, but channel sales is only one part of the solution. So, Jon decided they needed to open an avenue and start selling direct, making the Bruud philosophy accessible to more businesses.

The project: convert the Bruud website into an effective storefront with the support of an agency. A plan was hatched and Jon decided to use external funding to turbo charge the initiative.

The InstantAdvance application process

“Previse quickly got to know about our business and InstantAdvance was better than the other funding options out there”

Once Jon had done his due diligence, it took moments to fill out the InstantAdvance application, and then connect the Bruud bank accounts and accounting system. He particularly liked talking to a real human, and that Previse worked to understand his business and its goals. With that, we approved his first advance and Jon had the cash to crack on with the new Bruud website.

When asked if he would recommend InstantAdvance to other SMEs, Jon said “without hesitation, 100%”.
InstantAdvance was created to help SMEs with fast access to short term funding. Whether that is with plans to grow, smoothing out seasonal peaks in revenue or helping to hire new staff, get in touch with InstantAdvance to see how we can help.

“It has been a fantastic experience and you have delivered exactly what we needed”