Strengthen your customer relationships​

Generate revenues and value by embedding finance in your platform

If you offer a B2B trade network then we can enhance your platform’s capability. The InstantFinance platform provides your customers with multiple ways to access their future revenue today.

Together we can enrich your platform’s existing capability – from full-service turnkey buttons to bespoke implementations using our APIs.

  • Increase adoption by providing more value and opportunities for your customers
  • Increase volume of transactions by encouraging more spend
  • Increase revenue by adding finance or extending existing products earlier into the cycle

Increasing value beyond 1:1 relationships

We can amplify your customer experience by considering a supplier’s entire book if you already offer buyer-centric finance.

The size of a single buyer-seller relationship limits the value to a supplier. But with the whole book, we can digest, approve and underwrite advances outside that relationship.

You bring the whole book and the funding, while Previse supplies fast data-driven decisions and underwriting. Together, we provide customers with capital to invest, grow, or cope with the unexpected.

Turnkey embedded finance

This approach, popular with business data networks, allows you to enhance your product with Invoice Prepayment and Revenue-based finance—all without specialist acumen or any complex integration.

As a data exchange venue, you hold digital orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes and payments. We can use that data to allow your customers to request “Prepay me”, “Autopay me”, or “Get an advance”.

You provide the data while we bring the finance. Together, we create additional value for your customers.

Sidestepping approvals

Platforms that provide Supply Chain Finance or Dynamic Discounting can be hampered by slow approval processes.

Some large buyers struggle to provide approvals or an Irrevocable Payment Undertaking (IPU) signal in a timely fashion, if at all. Previse can replace the buyer’s IPU with a synthetic one, We can either fund the gap to approval for you or just underwrite your own funding.

Previse “approves” prepayment and takes on the risk while you maximise your funding utilisation and duration.


Suppose you want to hand-craft a fully bespoke solution, fine-tuning the product and programme to meet your own or your funder’s risk appetite. If so, Previse can provide the support and services to leverage the power of data within the supply chain.

We can make cash flow so businesses can grow.

Flexible, accessible and secure

We work with you to match what’s best for your business and your customers’ needs. Whether you want us to

  • Provide a full service (hands-off) embedded finance
  • Extend your product to use data beyond specific buyer-seller relationships
  • Use our tech to provide synthetic approvals
  • Go fully bespoke

We supply data-driven risk modelling, class-leading customer services, a network of funders and ISO certified security, enabling you to provide finance safely.

Ready to get started?

Offer capital anywhere, instantly

Turn any invoice, account or statement into an opportunity, promoting products wherever your customers are looking.

Better than the traditional players

Data-driven risk models allow you to offer your customers cheaper rates and flat fee loans—ease of access and flexibility.

Simply a delight

We continually hone our service experience to ensure you and your customers are delighted.