A.I. driven early payments​​

Offer all suppliers early payments

InstantPay technology from Previse smoothly and efficiently unlocks capital in the supply chain, especially for SMEs, without impacting your working capital. Together we can offer your suppliers prepayments in a way that works for them and you. InstantPay’s next-generation technology brings financial and social benefits to all.

Free from approvals

InstantPay uses its own algorithms to decide whether or not an invoice should be prepaid, and we handle the resulting dilution risk.

This ends the delays embedded in approval processes and avoids the process change needed to provide an Irrevocable Payment Undertaking (IPU). Your suppliers don’t have to chase you because they’ve already been paid. You keep the same operational model instead of having to adapt it for different payment methods.

Your working capital is untouched

InstantPay has an ecosystem of third-party funders to make the prepayments.

If you are a financial institution, you can use your funding sources for an InstantPay programme. However, most large corporations prefer us to provide independent funding, which means there is no further debt or impact on your working capital.

Your business benefits

InstantPay programmes strengthen your supply chain by reducing the working capital stress on your suppliers. They can also generate revenue and will improve your Prompt Payment performance.

The legal structures we use mean each prepayment counts as a day one settlement for Prompt Payment reporting. It’s then your choice if you wish to earn a rebate for providing your data, earn yield by using your capital, or deploy InstantPay as a cost and performance improvement initiative.

Maximising adoption

We have tools for approaching suppliers of all sizes.

Our freemium and trial models can achieve over 50% adoption amongst companies that make up your tail and mid-market spend.

We also enable suppliers to choose between Auto-payment of everything or a “Prepay me” button that allows them to pick and choose which invoices and when (giving them more control over their costs).

Together, we build stronger relationships

Your customers or suppliers get access to working capital solutions that range from “prepay me” for a single invoice, to full auto-payment of their invoices.

Flexible, accessible and secure

We work with you to match what’s best for your business and your suppliers’ needs, supplying

  • A.I. prepayment approvals,
  • Data-driven risk modelling,
  • ISO certified security,
  • Third-party funding

enabling you to provide finance safely.

Ready to get started?

Operational savings and simplicity

Reduce 80% of supplier enquiries and identify duplicate or problematic invoices.

Flexible working capital

Optimise your use of working capital to re-invest in the business and avoid settling invoices early whilst aligning terms across suppliers (if you wish).

Buyer of choice

Offer early payment options for all suppliers, all the time and improve your PPR metrics and reputation