Boost your value proposition

Increase revenue, adoption and value by embedding finance in your B2B trade solution

Whole-book capability

your customer experience

by breaking free from buyer-supplier relationships

customer value together

You have the data.
We underwrite our AI.
Use your funding or a 3rd party.

Data driven

Providing customers with capital to invest, grow, or cope with the unexpected

Our AI provides a synthetic IPU* side-stepping slow business processes

No need

Flexible, accessible and secure

We work with you to match what’s best for your business and your customers’ needs. Whether you want us to

  • Provide full service (hands-off) embedded finance
  • Extend your product to use data beyond specific buyer-seller relationships
  • Use our tech to provide synthetic approvals
  • Go fully bespoke

We supply data-driven risk modelling, class-leading customer services, a network of funders and ISO certified security, enabling you to provide finance safely.

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Offer capital anywhere, instantly

Turn any invoice, account or statement into an opportunity, promoting products wherever your customers are looking.

Better than the traditional players

Data-driven risk models allow you to offer your customers cheaper rates and flat fee loans—ease of access and flexibility.

Simply a delight

We continually hone our service experience to ensure you and your customers are delighted.