Just published: Supplier insight study on virtual card adoption trends.

The AI-driven virtual card solution

SmartPay multiplies the value of virtual card programs – boosting uptake which increases working capital and rebate benefits

Win-win with "pay on day X"

SmartPay intelligence is a win-win technology for virtual cards that pays suppliers early, protects your working capital and maximises rebates

Up to three days working capital released

Averaged over your entire Accounts Payable book

Better value proposition

Suppliers get paid ~45 days earlier than traditional virtual cards, for the same fee

You pay later

No need to settle until your card statement becomes due


You increase your DPO and rebates

Suppliers decrease their DSO

Practical realities

Data driven

SmartPay uses your ERP data to make payment decisions as early as possible without impacting your working capital

Parallel working

No change to your existing invoice approval processes, our AI works alongside your team

Leverage your credit

Use your line-of-credit and AI to create value for you and your suppliers that increases program size and popularity

How the system works

Virtual cards can be a great solution for buyers that want to simplify their payment handling for small to medium sized suppliers. SmartPay technology makes the supplier proposition more attractive, they still pay the card fee but get paid earlier as well.

Revenue boost

Convert expensive payment methods to cards that yield a rebate

Fast decisions

Each invoice is assesed and a payment decision made within seconds

of all invoices are paid early
10 %

Enhance security

Use dynamically generated, unique account numbers with layers of controls to secure your supplier payments. No need to hold and manage supplier bank account details.

Prevising solutions

Our AI checks if future adjustments are likely, and also forecasts if we can auto-recover funds if an invoice is disputed or changes.

of all adjustments need human intervention
5 %

Some of the considerations and issues the SmartPay AI checks


Duplicates, misallocation and incorrect or invalid entry/due dates


OCR or data entry error rates


Whether an invoice's characteristics fit this supplier


Default risk and clawback/offsetting contingency in case of adjustments

SmartPay Suite

We provide a number of bespoke products, some which may be used standalone, and all as part of any SmartPay virtual card program.

SmartPay Forecast

Explore how your programme could perform based on estimated spend. Forecast uses typical programme profiles to show the impact on your suppliers, the improvement in your DPO’s and any rebate that you could earn.

SmartPay Plan

Use your AP spend data to simulate and plan the rollout of your programme. It assesses the propensity of a company accepting cards and models the impact we can make to your working capital and your supply chain.

SmartPay Accept

Accept collates business and transaction intelligence to support the supplier outreach team. Helping them make the best case possible, and handle queries and challenges effectively.

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