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…and the shortcomings of supply chain finance.
Paul Christensen and Shyamli Badgaiyan explain why B2B commerce needs its ‘credit card moment
Small and medium-sized businesses have been forced to take out £31.5 billion in funding to maintain their cash flow.
In medieval times alchemists sought the Philosopher’s Stone, now the quest for riches has turned from creating gold to finding it.
For supply chain finance (SCF) to progress and reach the next set of struggling suppliers, the model needs a rethink. We need SCF 2.0.
What can the payments industry learn from Google’s revolutionary search engine algorithm?
Late payments from large corporates are on the rise, driven in part by the view from some that these act as an interest free loan.
The UK’s Prompt Payment Code will have a significant impact on the relationship between large businesses and their suppliers.