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Previse partners with Pagero to embed InstantPay early payment technology

Previse has partnered with global e-invoicing firm, Pagero to enable instant, embedded finance.

London, 6 July 2021 – Previse, the AI fintech that gets suppliers paid instantly, has partnered with global e-invoicing firm, Pagero to enable instant, embedded finance to be delivered through the world’s largest, open business network. 

The partnership will see Pagero roll out Previse’s early payment capabilities to its customers, giving suppliers on the Pagero network the option of a ‘pay me now’ button as soon as they generate an invoice.

Using artificial intelligence trained on billions of pounds worth of invoice data, Previse’s InstantPay platform makes a smart assessment of whether invoices will be paid. Previse then unlocks bank capital to pay suppliers, instantly. Pagero’s platform, which digitises document flow between buyer and supplier, provides a ready set of data points upon which InstantPay operates. 

The past 18 months have shone a light on the need for robust supply chains, underpinned by fast and easily accessible B2B payments. Previse is currently expanding its range of embedded early payments solutions to platforms and corporates globally, making it easy for end-users to choose when they get paid. 

It is time to bring embedded finance technology into the B2B space and give suppliers control over how they get paid. Pagero is an industry leader in end-to-end supply chain management and its P2P platform is second to none. We are excited to work with Pagero to embed the next generation of early payment solutions into its platform.

Steve Dempsey, Sales Director at Previs

Previse’s embedded finance solution is unique, and we are excited to bring this technology to our customers. We look forward to collaborating with Previse to offer truly flexible supply chain management for all of our suppliers.

Matt Hammond, Managing Director, Western Europe at Pagero


About Previse 

Previse is the next generation platform driving the future of finance for global B2B commerce. Its smart tech and algorithms analyse the data of large, corporate buyers to predict any invoices that may not be eligible to be paid straight away. The remaining 98% of invoices can be paid instantly. 

Previse was founded in 2016 by a team of world-class experts in trade finance, artificial intelligence and enterprise technology. It counts Augmentum, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Hambro Perks among its financial backers. 

About Pagero

We believe business should be easy. That’s why we are building the world’s largest, open business network. With our cloud-based network, you can reach any business, anywhere in the world – no matter how many borders your operations may cross. We take care of the technical and regulatory requirements across your entire order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay and freight processes, to give you data accuracy and security, transparency and real-time visibility. All this through a single connection. Find out more at www.pagero.com.

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