Previse named one of the most influential fintechs

Previse has been named one of the most influential fintechs in 2019 by Harrington Starr’s The Financial Technologist magazine.

Previse has been named one of the most influential fintechs in 2019 by Harrington Starr’s The Financial Technologist magazine.

Returning for a second year, Harrington Starr worked with some of the most knowledgeable experts in financial services to come up with a list of companies predicted to be the most influential in 2019.

The judging panel consists of experts from Barclays, EY, Lloyds Banking Group, Baringa, The Realization Group, RBC, Simmons & Simmons, Everledger, Cruxy & Co, Man Group, Credit Agricole, TD Securities and Mixpanel, bringing a  cross-section of expertise across the fintech landscape.

Over 2,000 companies were considered for the list, which the magazine said is ‘bubbling with potential.

‘My belief is that companies that thrive in the new era of Fintech are those who very clearly solve real issues, either for the incumbent institution or for the consumer.’

Toby Babb, CEO of the Harrington Starr Group

Previse was recognised for its use of artificial intelligence in tackling a global problem, slow payments. It made huge progress in 2018, signing up eight large organisations, including UK public sector organisations and NHS Trusts, and securing a pipeline of hundreds of large companies looking to implement instant payments. This represents billions of pounds of invoices and support for hundreds of thousands of suppliers.

“We are very pleased to be recognised for our use of artificial intelligence to make predictions based on buyer behaviour. We applaud the progressive corporates working with us to reinvent global B2B commerce and get suppliers paid instantly.”

Previse co-founder and CEO, Paul Christensen

Previse has big plans in 2019, including launching with leading brands from the retail and financial sectors and significantly scaling its penetration with suppliers across the UK. It will also expand internationally, growing its presence in Europe, Asia and beyond.

The company has also recently joined TechNation’s Upscale programme which powers some of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK. It provides world-class advice and mentorship from some of the UK’s most successful tech entrepreneurs and investors to help companies grow into the next generation of digital household names.

Previse’s mission is to ensure that every supplier in the world can be paid instantly and at the fairest rate. With rapid progress and the enthusiastic participation of some of the world’s largest buyers, it is well on the way to achieving it.

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