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Bringing significant benefits to Buyers and Suppliers through Virtual Cards
It is almost a year since we launched Good Business Pays, so it's time to celebrate some of the wins and successes of the movement.
2021 has been yet another tough year for British businesses of all sizes. And it is SMEs who are impacted the worst, whilst larger companies fare better.
Liz Barclay’s appointment as Small Business Commissioner was the latest development in the UK’s longstanding and worsening payments crisis.
While this is a welcome step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go. A 30-day payment period is still 30 days too long for many.
Covid-19 disruptions and shutdowns propagate through supply chains, and massive but blunt interventions can't reach those most in need of support.
For more than a decade large, firms have offered supply chain finance (SCF) to their suppliers, yet uptake by SMEs has remained limited
Philipp Schönbucher explains what the new collaboration with Beat Syndicate 4242 means for the world of insurance and slow invoice payments.
It’s many entrepreneurs’ dream; that first big contract which launches your start-up brand onto the national stage.
Working capital is the lifeblood of businesses within the global economy. However, large buyers and small suppliers often clash over time taken to pay.
Unless enhanced powers for the Small Business Commissioner are coupled with Prompt Payment reporting reform, they won't help small suppliers.
Supply chain finance (SCF) is useful in many ways. One thing it is not is a solution to slow payment terms for smaller suppliers.
The tools and technology now exist to solve the late payments problem.
…and the shortcomings of supply chain finance.
Paul Christensen and Shyamli Badgaiyan explain why B2B commerce needs its ‘credit card moment
Small and medium-sized businesses have been forced to take out £31.5 billion in funding to maintain their cash flow.
Late payments from large corporates are on the rise, driven in part by the view from some that these act as an interest free loan.
The UK’s Prompt Payment Code will have a significant impact on the relationship between large businesses and their suppliers.